Wednesday, April 18, 2012

eBooks and Digital Storytelling

Today, I taught another technology training session for some co-workers at my school. I focused mostly on eBooks and digital storytelling since those are a huge part of my classroom. Here is the information I shared with the teachers below. You can also check out my LiveBinder too. Happy reading! :)

WeGiveBooks has a plethora of eBooks that can be used for read aloud or during read to self time on the computer including informational texts and fiction texts. Some popular titles are the Skippy Jon Jones series, DK Readers, and llama llama series.
Free Kids Books -
Free Kids Books provides some free eBooks for kids. Some of the more popular titles are Tyrone the Horrible,  Some cost money but almost all books can be downloaded as a free pdf file. You could print these out as books to read in the lower grades.
Read to Me is a site with online streaming videos of celebrities reading books. Some book titles include Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy, Duck and Cover, Duck Soup, and Chrysanthemum. Every book also includes a lesson plan to use for reading and/or writing.
Storyline Online is another site with online streaming videos of celebrities reading books. Some book titles include The Rainbow Fish, Thank You, Mr. Falker, Brave Irene, and Stellaluna.
Oxford Owl has over 250 free ebooks in their online library. These books are part of the Oxford readers and include expository and fiction texts.
MeeGenius! includes a few free ebooks. Others are available for preview and purchase.
Magic Town is a new site that just came out. It offers a few books for free but it may not be free once it’s out of the beta version. It does require a log in and is geared towards younger students.
Children’s Books Forever includes a few classic ebooks for younger students to read.
The Little Big Book Club includes ebooks that can be read or read to. This site is geared towards kindergarten.
International Children’s Digital Library -
       ICDL includes international books written from various countries. Books can be searched by
       country, age, topic, or length of book.
Digital Storytelling

       Storybird allows students to create short, digital books inspired by art.

       Zooburst is a digital storytelling tool that allows students to write a digital 3D pop-up book.

       TikaTok allows students to create digital stories to read online or print as a book.

       One of Kerpoof’s tools is to create a story book. Students can share and print the story
       book when it is completed.

Little Bird Tales -
       Little Bird Tales is geared towards younger students. Students can create a digital book by
       uploading or creating art, writing their story, and recording their story.

       Students choose characters for their story, type or record dialogue, and choose a
       background to create a digital story.

Domo Animate allows students to add characters to create scenes In a slideshow format to
       tell a story.

Presenter: Kirsten Taylor
Livebinder: “Technology Tools” (Search for kirstentaylor in Authors)