Friday, February 11, 2011

Connect with the Connected - iPods, Video, and Interactivity in Schools

This session focused on integrating podcasts, video, and interactive whiteboard content to democratize and invigorate the learning process in the classroom. The presenter was Robert Pronovost, a previous middle school teacher who now teaches 2nd grade.

This second grade teacher uses a variety of tools in his classroom throughout the school day.  For example, one of the things he does is use iCalendar and the remote app to play sounds for transitions in his room throughout the day.  His students know exactly what to do when they hear each song.


  • Set up playlist of transitions in iTunes
  • set alarms in iCal to off at transition times
  • keep remote handy to stop or start songs at different times
Another app he uses is Teacherpal on the iPad to keep track of grades.

Some teacher tools he uses in whole group instruction are:

eBeam Scrapbook: 
eBeam Scrapbook doesn't require an interactive whiteboard.  You can use any wall as long as you have a computer. Check out an example of eBeam Scrapbook an action below...

Document Camera: Can be used to show student examples when an interactive whiteboard can't be used.

Connect with classes next door, around the world, relatives, and experts.
Rock Our World is an example of a large collaboration project that was put together by another group of teachers who use Skype to connect with classrooms all over the world.

Teachers and students can use Garage Band and iMovie to create movies and music about concepts learned in the classroom.

Daily Notes
Use Daily Notes to keep track of notes on students or notes about parent conferences.  It is an app on the iPad.

RAZ kids is an online guided reading program. Students can record their reading, take quizzes to check their comprehension, and read for practice. 

Puppet Pals (iPad)
Puppet Pals is a way for students to create their own stories on the iPad.  It can be a story they want to create into a Reader's Theatre.   

iTalk Lite
iTalk Lite is a recording app and allows the teacher to download recordings more easily onto a computer than voice memos.  It provides fluency practice, Readers' Theater rehearsal, and presentation practice. 

DropBox allows students to share stories, music, and other files.

flipVideo cameras are used as tools to create student videos.

Students create videos with both these programs.
This teacher posts things he would like for his classroom on DonorsChoose and that is how he gets funded for technology items in his classroom.

One of the things he did in his classroom is that he painted his back reading table with IdeaPaint

Twitter: teach24_7

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