Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Integrating State-Funded Online Resources with ActivInspire

This session was presented by Shannon Baumann from the Region 20 Service Center.

This session focused on integrating resources available on with ActivInspire. The resources available on this site are divided into elementary and secondary resources.  On the elementary side there are resources like EBSCO and Britannica Online.  The secondary side is similar but the resources are geared towards the upper grades.

The presenter suggests starting off by entering an image in ActivInspire on the flipchart and asking students to analyze the photograph to generate research questions. This is a different way to start off a research project instead of telling the students what they will be researching. The students can come up to the board and circle/label items on the photo and explain their observations.  You can then ask students questions they have about the photograph.

These resources are free because they are state funded. If you aren't sure about your log-in information, contact your school librarian.  My post on this one will be short because I realize I attended this session last year.  Unfortunately, TCEA is a bit overcrowded this year.  The first three sessions I tried to get into were full even though I arrived fifteen minutes early!  Hopefully, we will have some less crowded sessions in the next hour.  Here is to hoping...

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