Thursday, February 9, 2012

Google Activities for Kids

This session was presented by Tammy Worcester.

Tammy started off with talking about blogging with kids. Blogger is hosted by Google and students do not have to log into Google to comment on the blog.

You can easily set up your blog so that you can email your blog posts instead of logging in and posting on your blog.

Collaborative Blog
Students can email a picture and/or text to your blog.

Blog Comments
  •        Learning Journal
  •        Dear Gabby
  •        Reading Response Journal
  •     BatchGeo

Google Presentations

Google Forms 
Paste your location data (from Google forms) to generate a free map. Tammy used a Google form that we filled out and she created a map of where we are all from. 

She also took the characteristics of a teacher that we typed into her Google Form and pasted them into a Wordle. (Hint: Be sure to tell students not to use capital letters. Otherwise, capitalized words will show up as different words in Wordle.) You can do a similar thing with Tagxedo as well.

Examples: students' favorite vacation spot, where they were born, how far they've traveled, etc.

Ways to Use Wordle: Whale of a Wordle - words that have to do with the ocean, Wordle for George Washington,

Quiz Competition: Create a Quiz in Google Docs
(Tip: Don't add a theme to the quiz if students are using cell phones or iPads to complete the quiz. It slows it down.)
You can create two fields: Name and Answer so you can use it over and over for quiz competitions or quiz bowls.

If you have ever been to one of Tammy's sessions, you know she goes quickly through her stuff. I feel like I didn't get a chance to type in everything she discussed. However, you can always go to her site to find out all of the info she shared in the presentation. :)

All of her presentations for TCEA are available on her website here.

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