Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Website Resources for the Interactive ActivClassroom

This session was all about interactive resources to use in your classroom. Even though it was presented by a Promethean consultant, you can use it with any whiteboard, computer, etc.

1. PBS Interactive

  • This site has educational, flash-based game with rollover capability.

2. KeepVid

  • Save YouTube videos to your computer and use to embed in flipcharts. 
  • When I went on this site it tried to get me to sign up for it with a credit card so I'm not sure about using that. I use SaveYouTube all the time which also downloads videos to your computer. It's very easy to embed these mp4 files into a flipchart so your students don't see YouTube comments and inappropriate content
  • This site has nice photos that are copyright free.

4. Starfall

  • Starfall is a reading site where students can go through interactive lessons to learn to read. Starfall also has a "more" option including math, which you have to pay for.

  • Built for K-5 students divided into sections like letters, numbers, and more. Some interactive activities they have include fraction tiles, coins, time, etc.
  • Upload pictures/slides and it will transform it into a jigsaw puzzle. Students will move the puzzle pieces around to figure out the picture. 
  • You can use it for a map of the united states, to introduce a new unit, and more. You can also use jigsaw puzzles created by other people.
  • Free interactive games, karaoke songs, and quizzes all about math and science.
  • This site lets you organize websites for kids to use during research by creating a short page listing seven links. It creates one short url for students to go to with live pictures of each site. 
  • Use Wordle to explore character traits, project covers, to introduce a new topic, embed in a flipchart, and more. (I always have my kids go to so they don't come across any inappropriate Wordle examples that could have recently been created.)
  • You can do an advanced google search to look for information on a specific topic by file type. For example, search Fractions on Google. At the bottom of the page, click on Advanced Search. Then, under file type, select Flash and it will show you only flash pages with fractions. 

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