Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teaching Digital Learners

This session is all about how to reach our "wired" kids who have grown up online and texting.

"Television is a push technology. Computers are a push/pull technology. It pulls them in."

The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Might Deceive Us

  • This was quite an interesting video! Check it out above. I can see using this video with my kids and having the discussion about slowing down and really paying attention to details. "Shark it"(The laptop looks like a shark closing it's mouth) - We can't let students be overdrive the whole time. 
"You have outsourced the warehousing of data to a peripheral device or devices." Yet, we shut our kids off of their devices when they get to school. Bring Your Own Device to School districts are changing this....letting students use their digital tools.

"Kids can make 110 decision a minute." (based on Harvard research) - They can apply all this to video games and real world situations.

Tools to Use with Digital Students- Here are some of the tools he discussed in his session...there are many more available on his site.

Creative Tools
Odds and Ends
I think the most interesting tool was Google Sketch Up. 3D images would really engage my kids. There are quicklinks to a bunch of Google Sketch Ups here.

Presenter: Kevin Honeycutt

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