Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet 16

Sweet 16
16 Digital Projects for K-5 Classrooms

This was a great session all about 16 different digital projects you could do in your K-5 classroom. I learned a lot of great ideas for simple digital projects.

Word Clouds
  • Famous Speech
  • Poems
  • Text from a book
  • Student written essays

  • You can have students paste their paper in Wordle to see what words are used the most.
  • You can also copy and paste text from a book to determine main idea. 


Comic Strips
Practice New Vocabulary Words
Social Skills Training
Foreign Language Practice
Strengthen Conflict Resolution Skills

Make Beliefs Comix –
Kerpoof –
Aven’s Corner –

5 Photo Frame Story
Digital Storytelling
  •             Paper Slide
  •             Kid Pix
  •             Digital Camera
  •             Photos

5 Frame Story Outline
    Establish characters and location - Title
    Create a situation with possibilities
     Involve the characters in the situation
    Build to probable outcomes
    Logical, but surprise ending

Story Spine
Digital Storytelling
            Photo Booth
            Kid Pix
            Keynote/Power Point
            Digital Cameras

Six Word Memoir (Tell a story using only six words.)

Slide Show
  • Photos set to music
  • Students display work
  • iPhoto
  • Keynote
  • iMovie
  • PowerPoint
  • Photostory3
  • Discovery Education has several pictures you can use.  You can also use music from FreePlay music and download samples onto the Student Drive for students to use in their presentations.
Graphic Organizers
Reflection Video
  • Student uses PhotoBooth to record reflection for teacher use only.
  • End of unit
  • End of book
  • Formative assessment
  • Example


Radio Broadcast
Can be created with Garage Band, iPod Touch, Audacity

Pecha Kucha
  • 20 images, no text
  • 20 seconds per slide to advance automatically
  • Presenter speaks along to each slide
  • Here's a little history behind 'Pecha Kucha' 
Music Videos

Paper Slide Video
Fakebook Page
  • Students can make a fake FB page for a person they are studying.
  • There's a great blog article with 5 fake Facebook templates  for student projects here
You can find all of the information on this presentation at
Search for "ebenno" under author and you can see her 7 public live binders. The LiveBinder for this presentation is entitled "Digital Resources for K-5 Teachers'

Elizabeth Benno – Digital Learning Coach
Puster elementary School, Lovejoy ISD

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